Apollo is a tall, gray, Andalusian gelding with a thick mane and a wavy tail. He's sweet, and an amazing ride. But, he has a phobia of squirrels.

First Appearance: Elite Ambition
Last Appearance: Unfriendly Competition
Rider(s): Brit Chan
Owner(s): Brit Chan
Stables: Canterwood Crest Academy
Stables Formerly At: None
Past Owner(s): None


Elite AmbitionEdit

Personality and MarkingsEdit

Apollo is great at dressage, and it's his favorite course. He gets along amazing with and loves Brit, even though they've been together for less than a year. He is sweet and gentle, and willing to make a good round whatever it takes [1].

More coming soon


  1. Revealed in Unfriendly Competition, pg. 204

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