Riley Edwards is a girl at Canterwood Crest Academy. She is on Lauren's riding team, and she is always trying to make Lauren, Lexa and Khloe feel bad. She is best friends with Clare Bryant.

POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT HERE: She left Canterwood Crest in "Comeback" to leave for an acting career in New York City.It is also revealed that she has a soft spot: Her little brother Toby, who has down syndrome.

Riley is known to be a bit snobby and mean, and she and Khloe have a bad background from when Riley gave her the wrong directions to try-outs for a play. Khloe and Riley are extremely competitive in acting. It is believed that Riley is mean to the Canterwoood Crest girls because she is jealous of them.

Riley has dark brown hair, and she is said to be very good looking and stylish.

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