Sasha Silver Edit

Sasha Silver is a equestrian student at the prestigious Canterwood Crest Academy. Her horse's name is Chance She had a roommate named Paige Poop. She is friends with Callie stupid and Paige. Later in the series she becomes friends with Heather Fox, Allison Robb and Julia Myer. She used to go to Briar Creek. She starts off on the Intermediate team, moves on to the Advanced team and eventually becomes a member of the

Relationships Edit

She has a crush on Jacob in the first book and eventually they become a couple. Callie then becomes Jacob's girlfriend. After a little while she starts going out with Eric who is a rider like her. They are a great couple until "Little White Lies" when Eric thinks Sasha still likes Jacob because it looked like she was about to kiss him when her hands were on Jacob's chest. So Sasha andip with Eric back.

Sasha was close friends with Callie Harper and Paige Parker, (her ex-roommate). Brit Chan is her new roommate later in the CCA books. Although she has a strong rivalry with the trio; Heather Fox, Alison Robb and Julia Myer. However they eventually get along a little bit in the end.