Natasha "Sasha" Silver Edit

sasha silver is a equestrian on the YENT team. She has a horse named charm, and is the main character of the first part of the canterwood crest books.


relationships Edit

She has a crush on Jacob, but pairs up with Eric for a while. They are a great couple until "Little White Lies" when Eric thinks Sasha still likes Jacob because it looked like she was about to kiss him when her hands were on Jacob's chest. So Sasha and Eric split up, but later in the series she gets her friendship with Eric back.

Sasha was close friends with Callie Harper, and Paige Parker (her ex-roommate). Brit Chan is her new room mate later in the CCA books. Although she has a strong rivalry with the trio; Alison Robb, Julia Myer,and Heather Fox. However they eventually get along a little bit in the end.

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