That means "hello" in Japanese. =)

I have come sadly to say I have bad news to tell. I am very busy back at home once again and I do not have time to be on here. You will have noticed I haven't been on much, have you not? Probably so.

I have high hopes for this wiki. Achive your dreams, Team Canterwood!

I want this website to become as fantastic as I once imagined it, so remember to check Community Central Wiki every week or so for new updates, please.

If you need template help, ask for it at Community Central in a forum or ask my cousin Nightfern.

I will check up on the wiki every month or so if I must. If you leave me a message for whatever reason, please don't except it to be answered soon. It will probably be several weeks.

Well, I love you all! :)


The Snow QueenSnow is falling...

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